" Jonathan Duncklee named 2012 Employer of the Year
by the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce!"
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Comfort. Quality. Reliability.

“The greatest compliment that my father, the late Founder Les Duncklee, gave me was to let go of control and entrust his business to me a few years ago. Family businesses can be difficult to maintain, but Les allowed me the freedom to make changes and execute them. He respected my decisions and always supported me.”

When Jon was in high school, he began working with his father on weekends, during school vacations and over the summer, learning the trade from the ground up. His father encouraged him to go to college, where Jon received a business degree. That enabled him to then step into the business management side of Duncklee Cooling & Heating. “There were never any expectations or demands placed on me (to work at the company), but I came back to help after college, and here I am today.”

The father/son dynamic changed over the years from mostly a personal one to include a professional one in many respects. “My father demonstrated his respect for me as his colleague and never downplayed his respect for me because I was his son. He was able to let go of control and trust his business to me.”


Some of the changes that were made under his role as Vice President were difficult. A major downsizing that followed the financial collapse of 2008 was particularly painful, when Jon had to let go a whole layer of middle management. Using what he calls a drama-free calm and assertive method of management, Jon effected a full turnaround by 2012, which he credits to the caliber of his employees and his strong connection to the community.

Jon’s ability to quickly incorporate new technology into his heating and cooling business sent him to visit suppliers in Japan and Korea. He always seeks out American products first, but some technological advances are coming from overseas, and he must keep up with them to stay competitive and provide customers the best products available. “If you don’t change, you’re out of business – no doubt about it,” he says.

One of the changes is the use of the Internet, with a mobile-friendly site in recognition that many people find heating and cooling technicians through their smart phones and other similar devices. This has made his job easier, “I love an educated buyer.”

Jon has taken over the role as President of the company upon his father’s death, “But he will always be our ‘President’, because this business wouldn’t be what it is today without his vision and leadership. He was such a strong influence in my life with his perseverance, his courage, and compassion…so much of who I am and how I live has been inspired by my father.”